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I'm Sarah Stockham, Reiki Master Teacher and ISSA Approved Provider.  I invite YOU to earn 10 ISSA CEU's through the Affective Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 course!

Register for Affective Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 for 10 CEUs.  Choose your preferred method of learning:

*Learn at your own pace OR
*Choose the live zoom class option

Register for 10 ISSA CEUs Now

I’m excited to offer 10 Continuing Education Units through Affective Reiki Method’s Level 1 & 2 course.  With over a decade of teaching Reiki to medical doctors, coaches, PhDs, and college students, I know you will find learning Reiki applicable to your business, AND personally. 


What is Reiki?

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine defines this gentle, healing practice:

"Reiki is a complementary health practice in which practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response”.  


Reiki One teaches the basics of noninvasive hand positions for a "hands on" Reiki treatment. 

* Reiki Two covers how to send Reiki to someone who is not in the room and is commonly called “Distance Reiki”.


This course covers both in person Reiki, distance, plus best Reiki practices.  


As you sign up, you’ll be invited to choose the style of learning that best suites you:

*Learn at your own pace


*Choose the live zoom option taught over 3 class sessions 

Reiki (pronounced "ray" like a ray of sunshine, and "key" as in a key that opens a door to calm and centered energy) is a spiritual practice.

The powerful simplicity of Reiki is you can be anywhere & be connected  & grounded to this beautiful, healing energy.  

Reiki is an empowering, stabilizing & an easy to access modality that anyone can learn. 


With over a decade of experience teaching Reiki and over thirty five years as a classroom educator, I've won awards and have enjoyed being a Master Teacher and a Mentor Teacher.

Now, I'm investing all that knowledge & curriculum development into this Reiki course and YOU!


Reiki can align, balance & center your being through this course, including attunments, and ...  

...now is your time!


With Results Like These:

"Reiki has transformed my life and I am so grateful! I offered my first Reiki session to a coaching client and it was AMAZING!!"

“I am grateful for Sarah's online Reiki courses... opening my relationship with Reiki to its fullest!  This foundational healing class supports every other ability.

“Thank you for helping me to bring more light to this world!  It has augmented every one of my healing gifts!"

It's No Wonder Our Students Are RAVING ABOUT
Our Unique Approach to Teaching Reiki!

Founder DeLeón ConSOULting

“Reiki has connected me to my body & to The Earth in a way that I never thought possible!" 

"Reiki Training with Sarah Stockham has been one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and for my counseling practice! There are many beautiful forms of energetic medicine in the world and Reiki training with Sarah is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! It’s like a warm healing hug from The Mother. During our training I had profound and deeply healing mystical experiences, what I like to call Holy Moments. Every new Reiki Ignition attunes me to deeper energetic subtleties. It has connected me to my body & to The Earth in a way that I never thought possible. I am so grateful to Sarah and the warm, inviting space she creates for her trainings. May her army of Healers continue to grow around the world! Peace & Blessings."

Establish confidence and inner joy within you!

Help you ditch unrealistic expectations like “I have to take in & interpret ALL the energy around me”! (beyond exhausting as a coach/trainer!)

Prevent ENDLESS SLEEPLESS nights by repelling those energies who aren’t actually the right fit for you!

Create a vibration that accurately reflects who you are without having to set aside hours daily!

And... it does all of this for you without YOU having to feel like you have to have all the answers or teach yourself!


Sensory Alchemist

“OMG.  It's so powerful!"

 "I feel absolutely euphoric and warm and amazing after that [Affective Reiki Method Zoom live] meeting and meditation. Wowwwww.  I’ve never experienced that before. Its’s so powerful!"


24/7 MAGNET!

And when you look around at all the energetic authorities and centered successful trainers, coaches & healers you currently follow and look up to...

They ALL have:

-acknowledged their incredible sensitivity to energy

-chosen beautifully accessible foundational instruction for that natural gift so that they can actually...

-align & raise their unique energy and  outlook 

in a way that people say:

And if your internal conversations aren’t saying this, then obviously... your external interactions are reflecting this internal upset!

BUT, the TRUTH IS...

We are like an established oak tree that is continually dependent on nutrients gracefully flowing through its deep root structure.  In our daily journeys as sensitives, we can experience a continual dependance on spiritual nutrients, which is easily and effortlessly filled through our connection with Source of Reiki, established in this class.  This healing can be on behalf of anyone, including ourself.  

Your life WANTS and NEEDS your powerful innate healing energy. Your impact DESERVES your courageous vibrational energy!

But when you keep “outsourcing” this important skill as a healer to an outsider (a "good" energy fixer can easily cost $3,000-8,000US annually), you don’t empower yourself to LEARN this skill! 

But when you LEARN and MASTER the skills of activating and amplifying your natural healing gifts, you take that stabilizing & foundational ability with you wherever you go!

And clients LOVE that!!!

“I now use reiki in every situation I'm in”

“Taking Affective Reiki Method Reiki 1&2 course was a very inspiring and educational experience for me. Sarah was very clear and concise and easy to understand. I now use Reiki in every situation I’m in or dealing with in the moment. I’m so grateful and thankful for this course. I strongly recommend her Affective Reiki Method courses!”

High School Security and Wellness Specialist

If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re starting to see the possibility of your activated and amplified natural healing gifts and what it will do for your internal conversation about your external world... but 

you’re probably imagining yourself not sure how your new skills will work, and you ask yourself,

“How am I supposed to feel less stressed in the moment?!”

And I get it.

But here's a little 'Insider Secret' for you:

Great Energies are not created from cramming chaotic energies...

Great Energy techniques, like Reiki, are learned and applied!

And you can learn and apply them, too!

You see, there is a RECIPE to great energy. And this recipe consists of connections to Source of Reiki's healing energy through attunements. 

How do you activate & amplify your innate healing gifts so you can be aligned, balanced and centered?



Are there other healing modalities?

There are many... BUT Reiki works for good EVERY time!   

By being connected to Source of Reiki through the attunements, you never need to worry or be anxious because being attuned to Reiki means you have access to guidance & healing!

No more overwhelm or wondering if it will work! No more wasting time or money!

Imagine for just a moment...

...that you had a simple method to shield your precious energy...

...imagine you could internally create an energetic vibration of JOY...

...You could have the tools for a calm mind within a few short days!

And you already know once you've got the right tools... you've got the right tools for life! You’d never have to take the class again!
In fact, we (and our students) use the exact same healing energetic connection created through the attunements in class daily! 
Isn’t it great to learn something once & get it to work for you for

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because... it’s here! 


"I am so grateful to have connected with you and to keep learning with you.  I offered my first reiki session to a coaching client a few days ago and it was AMAZING!! I'd love to take classes for the next level!"

ALI JAMESON         Adoptee Empowerment Coach + Spiritual Mentor and now Holy Fire III® Karuna®  Reiki Master

"Reiki has given me other tools to be able to be still with my life.  Its given me communication tools to be able to speak to myself without having to speak [outloud]"

Graduate Student

The Simple Step-by-Step

Affective Reiki Method

for Activating Your Healing Gifts 

It’s time to give yourself (and your energy flow!)  the proven Reiki strategies you deserve! Just like it’s done for our past students.  


Which of these results inspire you the most?

"Since taking Sarah's Reiki class, Reiki has been my constant companion."

"I have taken several classes through Sarah over the years.  Her passion for Reiki is evident in all her teachings.  I've been fortunate to have attended Sarah's classes both in person and virtually. Last year I took Sarah's virtual class via Zoom and it was just as effective as if it were done in-person. Reiki energy goes beyond space and time, so a computer screen is not going to impede the energy flow.  Reiki continues to be my teacher. Reiki has transformed my life, bringing me to a place of inner peace and harmony."

ALICE HOLGUIN           Huntington Memorial Hospital Reiki Volunteer

"Sarah…what you do for people and who you are to people is immeasurable. Keep spreading your joy and positive presence. It is much appreciated." 


Each section of the Affective Reiki Method Reiki 1&2 course is laid out in order to walk you through the three expressions of Reiki: Self-Reiki.  Hands-on Reiki.  Distance Reiki. 

You can choose LIVE ZOOMS or decide to work at your pace through an EVERGREEN course.


SEE what's waiting for you inside once you commit to take this affective reiki method course…

LIVE ZOOMS or EVERGREEN with Detailed video training & downloadables  

Your choice!

Reiki Expression 1:


The Essential Elements of Self-Nurturing, Self-Alignment & Experiencing peace filled mind by design through Self-Reiki

Inside Affective Reiki Method, you’ll get step-by-step training, walking you through exactly how to CENTER your energy without having to do research and take 10 courses!

Imagine how much easier and fun self-care will be!

Below is a Sneak-Peak inside

Affective Reiki Method Reiki 1&2:

You’re not just getting the “recipe,” I’m giving you everything
you need to easily apply all 3 expressions of Reiki!

Reiki Expression 2:

Hands-On Reiki 

How to Reiki people, pets & plants in person!

Get inside my experiences! When you’ve been helping others move to a place of peace for over 11 years in numerous situations, how much will it help to get inside my brain and see exactly how I approach healing and why it’s so different than most?! In this section

I’ll Reveal the Invisible Elements Beneath the Surface that Creates Deeply Rooted & Centered Energy!

Reiki Expression 3:

Distance Reiki

for ANY situation

"It’s Not Just Enough to send Reiki... You Want to Know it Works, Too, Right?!"

Your aligned, concentrated & protected energy will separate you from the surrounding chaotic energy and position you as an authentic healer!

In fact, the Distance Reiki skill taught here is the same one employed at the Virtual Reiki Clinic I co founded for an internationally renown hospital in Pasadena, CA.  Interested students can inquire about apprenticing after completing this online class!  It is a FANTASTIC opportunity for validation of your skills.  

Register for Affective Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 for 10 CEUs.  Choose your preferred method of learning:

*Learn at your own pace OR
*Choose the live zoom class option

Register for 10 ISSA CEUs Now

"Reiki has been the catalyst behind much of my inner growth and healing."

"I cannot express how wonderful the experience (Reiki class) was!  I know I have received much more than expected.  Thank you for this precious gift from the heart.  I look forward…with an open heart & an intention for healing!"

KATIE DANIELS         Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master and Founder Katie Daniels Jewelry 

"I had sooo much fun!  I loved the guided meditations.  You truly have a gift.  Thank you for being such a genuine person.  I feel blessed!"



Hi, I'm Sarah Stockham, Affective Reiki Method course creator and Virtual Reiki Clinic Co Founder.  

My childhood was spent at the edge of the equatorial rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of my deepest, fondest memories are dancing to the tribal drums with friends.  In college I moved to SoCal and continued my dance with vibration by majoring in music.  

2008 immediately impacted my family financially, emotionally and for me, physically.  Soon after, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The struggles to remain centered, much less sleep, were very real.  

After a book club, a new friend offered a 15 minute Reiki session.  I had never heard of Reiki. But the events had brought a knowingness I was seriously needing new tools.  

Following the Reiki session, I slept the best I had in four years!  I signed up for the next Reiki class!

Since then, I have complemented my spiritual path & faith in Divine Love, whom I affectionally call "Papa", with training in several lineages of Reiki.  

I have authored books on Reiki, lead monthly Reiki Shares, record meditations and have started two nonprofits.   If you are interested in healing— 

I invite you to join this class, and get ready to experience a new type of wholeness, which we call healing.

You get to Take Everything You Learn in

Affective Reiki Method 

With You Forever!

And Check out These Transformations!

"Reiki has brought me further than any practice."


"I open my Heart and surrender to my Reiki Journey used by Spirit"

In Deep Gratitude for your teachings and holding a sacred space full of Grace ...Love and compassion.  I open my Heart and surrender to my Reiki Journey used by Spirit to experience the Miracles ...Love and Healing with my Higher Self and a conduit for Spirit.

Lala Delgado, Founder Heart to Heart Miracles

"Reiki Saved me!"

"I am so excited to have it in my life! Reiki has brought me further than any practice!  Love this path!  Thank you Sarah for all that you do!  You are an inspiration!"

Sheri, Washington

"Reiki is pure Divine Love"

"Taking her classes have given me such a peace of mind and a sense of security.  Sarah’s classes are amazing. To me, Reiki is pure Divine Love."


HEATHER NICHOLSON            Co-host of the 3 Intuitive Healers Podcast Show and Co-Founder of HMH Virtual Reiki Clinic

"This Reiki training was transformational." JD



When you join Affective Reiki Method Reiki 1&2, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to ALIGN & AMPLIFY your natural healing gifts Including...


  • CHOICE for LIVE ZOOMS OR EVERGREEN  to activate and amplify your OWN internal Divine Giftedness!
  • Techniques & Tips for supporting your own self-care AND if you choose, sharing Reiki with others!
  • Request the 3 Additional Bonuses for supporting your aligned, balanced, centered energy!
  •  Invitations  to virtual Reiki Shares where you can ask questions and gain confidence
  • Certificate of successful completion for 10 hours CEU

And much, much more!

This makes everything you get well over $1,000 in value! ($1,376 to be exact!) And you can get it all for just $600 today!

Register for Affective Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 for 10 CEUs.  Choose your preferred method of learning:

*Learn at your own pace OR
*Choose the live zoom class option

Register for 10 ISSA CEUs Now

"Thank YOU for the reminder...

... that we can help each other by practicing this powerful energy work!"


Wife, Mother

“Sarah's Reiki Community was such a good experience for me!!!

"Thank you for opening yet another door to bring more peace and inner healing in my life. I am thankful for these new experiences."




Perhaps you are looking around thinking "who can center their own energy?" Well... you’re right! MOST people never take the time to learn the foundations for all their healing gifts, including how to get centered.   But has there ever been a time where YOU were more ready to learn without feeling like you have to have all the answers or teach yourself?

Chances are, you looked for options to remain centered while trying to find your authentic voice in the chaotic energy, right?


You reviewed your current skill set and KNOW there’s more for you... something that can work anywhere, anytime!


You’re probably wondering "how fast can I learn and incorporate new healing Reiki skills"?!


So, with all the different modalities, does someone really NEED to feel like they have to have all the answers... or MUST find a way to teach themselves... to take a healing energy class that will support all your natural abilities? NO!



Is taking a healing energy class in person better than learning from the comfort & safety of your home?



Hard-nosed FACTS That
SHOW Distance Reiki



Adina Goldman Shore's doctoral research published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine showed "no significant difference between the groups receiving Reiki; both the hands-on and the distant Reiki."



"The particles that make up our bodies are always vibrating.  And they resonate at the frequencies of other being near and far." Dr. Maya Shetreat, MD



NOVA:  Einstein's Quantum Riddle movie discusses Quantam Entanglement, what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" and shows the studies completed on the Canary Islands. 



"In her book, From Quantum Physics to Energy Healing - A Physicist's Journey to Mind and Healing, Dr Johanna  Blomqvist provides stimulating and informative introduction to the phenomenon of anomalous energy healing..." Brenda Dunne, President ICRL



Making the case: "With online Reiki classes, you also get the benefit of seeing long-distance Reiki in action." Brooke, Reiki Master


In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are SoME Commonly Asked Questions!

Register for Affective Reiki Method Level 1 & 2 for 10 CEUs.  Choose your preferred method of learning:

*Learn at your own pace OR
*Choose the live zoom class option

Register for 10 ISSA CEUs Now


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