Affective Reiki Method

These beautiful healing Reiki classes are created with YOU and your learning style in mind!  

Sarah's experience as a Reiki Master Teacher, Author & Speaker, Reiki Community Builder & requested Healer for a decade comes to life in this personal, online training.  In designing these classes for you and your intuitive learning style, she incorporated over 30 years in education where she earned awards and excelled as a mentor and master teacher.  

With joy, Sarah brings highly acclaimed Reiki classes to the privacy and ease of your home!

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Affective Reiki Method classes

Reiki Claremont offers a full spectrum of services to support & inform your Reiki Journey. 

Reiki classes are offered in sequential levels, each one with their own content and attunements.  Each level increases one’s knowledge and understanding of Reiki, respect for Source of Reiki, and the opportunity to grow in community with like-minded people.


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Ready for more calm & peace of mind?

Healing, distance Reiki session with Sarah

Distance Reiki sessions with Sarah from the comfort of your space is ideal.  No travel with all the healing.

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  • Choose Book Session
  • Top right in blue, select "Book Other Service?"
  • Change to "Distance Reiki Healing Session" and book.

Email for alternate times.  All times are Pacific/Los Angeles

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