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Reiki Infused Meditation Library by Sarah Stockham

Welcome to Becoming Lighthearted, a Reiki Infused Meditation Library by Sarah Stockham!

You are here for a reason.  You've felt the heavy weight of unkind experiences.  You've heard the loud voice in your head making demands.  Outside sources of comfort & gentleness only permeate so far.

I know your pain because it's been mine, too.

You KNOW you are made for more & because of that, you sense your Light could be brighter.  You genuinely yearn for that!

The spirit realm keeps putting synchronicities in your path to actually guide you to a new space.

This IS that new space!

And in this space, you can choose to release, open your heart & become Lighthearted--allowing the Light in your Heart center to GROW brighter, stronger!

Join this monthly subscription of Reiki infused Meditations & allow this gentle path to help you turn your back on the dryness of continual demands while softly opening your heart center to let your inner Being shine! 

A friend told me yesterday these meditations take her deeper than any others. 

Another shared she felt like a puddle of "luminous goo" saying "OMG.  It’s so powerful! I feel absolutely euphoric and warm and amazing after that meditation. Wowwwww.  I’ve never experienced that before. Its’s so powerful!"

This growing Meditation Library of carefully selected & recorded impactful guided meditations is uniquely hand crafted for YOU, so that you can actually BE the Lighthearted Being you ARE!  

So, get comfy & ready so you can be YOUR best version, now! You are invited to join now and move towards Becoming Lighthearted!

You are worth it!

What People Are Saying About Sarah Stockham's Reiki Infused Meditations:

OMG. I feel absolutely euphoric and warm and amazing after that meditation. Wowwwww. I’ve never experienced that before. Its’s so powerful! Needed that. Been on edge all day and now I’m smoothed out! omg. I’ve never felt anything like that!

Marcy Morgan

Reiki energy goes beyond space and time, so a computer screen is not going to impede the energy flow.  Reiki continues to be my teacher. Reiki has transformed my life, bringing me to a place of inner peace and harmony.

Alice Holguin

So proud of my friend and mentor! Sarah is graced with incredible insight to healthy, kind and gentle living, and her gift of always choosing the right heartfelt words at the right moments always leaves me in awe. If you ever want to look inward to find and validate your own personal happiness, or to help those around you to be happier, Sarah’s your girl! 💗

Lori Paley

I cannot express how wonderful the experience (Reiki) was! I feel Reiki has been the catalyst behind much of my inner growth & healing. I know I have received much more than expected. Thank you for this precious gift from the heart. I look forward…with an open heart & an intention for healing!

Katie Daniels

Sarah…what you do for people and who you are to people is immeasurable. Thank you for helping me to bring more light to this world. Keep spreading you joy and positive presence. It is much appreciated.

Debbi Tamietti